ULFM Specification update

A new version of the ULFM specification accounting for remarks and discussions going on at the MPI Forum Meeting in Chicago in December 2013 has been posted under the ULFM Specification item.

This new update adds a new error code to separate process failure errors from non-impacted requests when they remain pending (MPI_ERR_PROC_FAILED_PENDING), and adds new examples.

Head to ULFM Specification for more info.

New Usage Guide

To clarify the difference between installation/setup and usage, the old Usage Guide has been moved to ULFM Setup and a new Usage Guide has been put in place to provide instruction and examples for using ULFM constructs in MPI code. For now, this example section provides the code outlined in the ULFM specification, but this will eventually be amended to include more complete and unique examples. You can find the both of these pages in the menu bar, under User Level Failure Mitigation.