ULFM Releases

The ULFM codebase has been integrated into the Open MPI master branch in early 2020 and in the stable releases starting with 5.0 (configure with –with-ft=mpi). All future developments related to ULFM will continue to be hosted directly into the main Open MPI repo.

For unofficial features please visit out group Github repo and look for the branches tagged with “ulfm/”.

All tests, validators, examples and tutorials on ULFM are also hosted on Github.

Legacy  Releases (obsolete)

If you are looking to download an historical release archive, we suggest you download the “tags” directly from Bitbucket.

Even older tarballs from the SVN era can be found below:

Beta 3 (ft_b3) – October 10, 2012 openmpi-1.7ft_b3.tar.bz2 or openmpi-1.7ft_b3.tar.gz

Beta 2 (ft_b2) – July 26, 2012 openmpi-1.7ft_b2.tar.bz2 or openmpi-1.7ft_b2.tar.gz

Beta 1 (ft_b1) – May 21, 2012 openmpi-1.7ft_b1.tar.bz2 or openmpi-1.7ft_b1.tar.gz